Saturday, June 14, 2008

return visit to St John's Church Grotto Utica NY

I paid a return visit to the Grotto at St John's Church in downtown Utica New York.
This is a place where prayers have been answered, are being answered this date and will continue to be answered. St John's Roman Catholic Church, the first Catholic Church in Utica New York


theMezz said...

thanks Lou.. great job

Anonymous said...

Phyllis and I left Utica in 1972 (our marriage year) and moved to Syracuse. I didn't know there was a Grotto at St. Johns until several years ago, when my mother-in=law told me about it. She thought it was closed. We are coming to visit upstate NY (we live in Tampa now) the end of June and plan on making a visit. Thank you for the historical walk thru Utica.

PS Joe is my brother

Frank and Phyllis Mezzanini

Dave said...

Sorry it took me a year to stumble across this. The Grotto appears much brighter than I remember it, and the last time I walked through from statue to statue was as a teenager attending UCA from 1957 to 1960. Our family's great-greats began worship at St. John's around 1824, in the old church. My first walk through the Grotto was with my father in the late 1940's or early 1950's. He grew up in St. John's, attended school there and later the old Assumption Academy up the street. My brothers and I were the last generation of our family to be baptized there.
Thanks very much.