Sunday, July 27, 2008

Importance of Languge in a Global Economy

Extremely interesting radio broadcast yesterday, Saturday, July 26, 2008 on my Internet radio station. We shared cohosts roles with my son, Louis, and an invited guest, Dr Rich Atkins,Phd, CEO of Improving Communications. Interesting, too, is the fact that we broadcast from three different venues -- I was in Utica, NY; my son, Louis, is in Liverpool, New York and Dr Rich was using a cell phone somehwere in the New England area; his residence is in NYC. The subject is a continuation of the discussion of the past two weeks -- outsourcing of US jobs to an offshore location -- i.e. jobs lost to foreign competition. I strongly urge you to visit our radio station website address -- cnyurbanguy.blogspot. com and click on the broadcast of July 26, 2008. It's a fifteen minute broadcast show and it flies by so quickly. Visit the site, click on the broadcast of July 26, 2008 and learn why our US jobs are in a state of crisis. Louis Barile

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theMezz said...

Where is the Internet Radio Station??