Sunday, July 6, 2008

Outsourcing of of jobs in Central New York

Anyone following the 2008 presidential contest can understand why all candidate's for the office of President are not dwelling on the most important issues in this campaign. For instance, there's the issue of escalating gasoline prices, the higher costs for food, the higher the cost for almost everything else. Give me a break. Yesterday, I did my talk show on the Internet where I invited two female persons from Syracuse to discuss the outsourcing of their jobs at JP Morgan-Chase Bank. I wanted them to address the matter of the emotional and traumatic effect of getting a "pink slip". What's the next thing you do. I thought they handled the interview very well. I was joined in this discussion by my son, Louis. I invite to visit the web site for this radio program (featured on the Internet) and join in the discussion yourself. Perhaps we can be instruments to stir up the two candidates for president and all other elective offices to begin a resolution of the problem as of yesterday. The address for the archived talk show: We'd love to get your input.

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Gear Of Zanzibar said...

I believe you have a bad link to the talk show. The actual address is: