Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Recall the location of the Irish House of Mc Guirl?

I wonder how many folks remember the original location of the House of Mc Guirl's. It was located on the southeast corner of Mohawk and Eagle Streets in Utica. The Irish House of Mc Guirl became a big name locally. The grand occasion happened, though, when Smilin' Mike Mc Guirl decided to physically move the business to a new location. It was moved on "rollers" to a location on Eagle Street across from the Graffenburg Dairy Building on Eagle Street which today is an entrance to Hannaford's. That was a big occasion in Utica for that time but the Mc Guirl Restaurant became more famous at this new location. The Irish House of Mc Guirl! I must obtain photographs of the "rollers" re-locating the restaurant building from the southeast corner of Mohawk and Eagle to the new location on the next block, the 600 block of Eagle Street. I will then upload them to the Internet and to this blog site.
What a great place for a little libation, what a great city was Utica, New York. We'll drink a cup of kindness yet for the delicious memoris of the Irish House of Mc Guirl's.

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