Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Famous landmakrs in downtown Utica 1945

Posted recently was a photo (shown in taken by an Od Photographer in August of 1945 when the announcement was made the Empire of Japan was suing for peace in the Pacific after two atom bombs were exploded over Hiroshima and Nagaski.
Uticans and others thronged to downtown Utica to celebrate the end of World War II.
Checking the photo renews interest in the downtown Utica history. At the corner of Genesee and Oriskany Street, southeast corner, was an office building named the Foster Building. I recall that's the location of the City's Justice of the Peace.
Yeah, remember. Later, that location, known as the Foster Building, was acquired by Interstate Department Stores, owner of the Boston Store, the Foster building demolished and the Boston Store added construction to its famous store, increasing the size of the famous downtown Utica store. Travelng east on the sotuh side of Oriskany Street is the locatin for a famous Diner. The Diner was situated bedhind the Colonial Theater. The Theater itself fronted on Bleecker Street. Can you name the famos diner on Oriskany Street. This should be an easy one for you. And, lastly, agan travelling east on Oriskany Street was located another diner, located on the southwest corner. Yes, please give us the name of that diner on Oriskany and Burnet streets. I hope we never forget of what was located in downtown Utica during the golden years of a very busy downtown Utica, New York. Awaitng your responses, I remain your most humble servant.

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