Monday, March 31, 2008

Another poem written about Utica, New York

Thank you so much for your feedback on this new Blog site. A lot of folks said they were unable to access the site. I respectfully remind those nice people the address provided by me is not an E-mail address but the location of the blog site on the web. I hope that's a help. Upon further reflection I was informed that, indeed, these nice people were able to access the blog site. Well, now, where were we. Oh, yes. Utica, New York original poems composed by William Lorne Beebe who published a slim, trim hard cover book with 62 pages of Beebe's original poems. Please be advised that no all the 62 poems are of Utica New York. He had the poems printed and published himself with Dodge Press doing the work. Dodge Press was once located on Jay Street, with the north side of the building facing Oriskany Street East. Just a little way east of John Street. The Dodge Press was purchased by Mario Mannella who also purchased Graphic Press and became Dodge=Graphic Press which, in turn, became one of the largest such organization in the State of New York.

The poem we feature now is found on page 32 of the slim book, entitled a "Medley of Verse" composed by William Lorne Beebe. I check Google yesterday and could not fnd a citation about Beebe. Can you, Dear Reader, assist me. Can you point me in the right direction to discover more info about Mr Beebe? This poem is entitled Patrolling --

From Genesee to Kossuth -
Then over the East Parkway
Doing the work of a sleuth -
Patrolling by night and day;
From Genesee far to the west -
Then over the New Hartford line,
Patrolmen doing their best -
To keep ahead of crime.

Down many a dark alley-way -
Toting his pistol he goes,
Holding his prisoner at bay -
Some plunder or theft to disclose;
The thief he expects to snare -
Is timing his nervous tread,
A shot rings out on the midnight air -
And the old back cat lies dead.

If all the stories were told -
Of encounters by night and day,
Humorous ones and bold -
What a lot they would find to say;
Yet despite mishaps and pranks -
Which occasion now and then,
We owe a million thanks -
To our day and night patrolmen.

The book of poems by William Lorne Beebe was published in 1940 so we must assume that these original works were written before 1940. Te above poem is not politically correct today because Utica NY police have added female persons to their roster. By the way, does anyone out there in cyberspace know of other original poems written about Utica, New York? I'd love to have you contact me and so inform.
The reason I'm featuring these orignal poems is because they are original works with a Utica, New York theme. Ah, perhaps I can prevail upon you to compose an original poem praising Utica, New York and allowing us to be the first to use it? Thank yo for being so nice.


theMezz said...

What a great find that is. Excellent poem.

yvonne said...

My mother-in law who is 87 says that she lived next door to William Lorne Bebee .. her address no longer there was 204 lansing street utica, new york. Keep in mind she has a vivid imagination but has told this story for years on how she helped the FBI investigate what she was told was communist activity going on in the house that had Beebe on the door bell. There were several apartments in that house owned by Guilfoyle. She thought the Beebe was the famous Beebe who was a naturalist and author but his name was Charles William Bebee. She claims the name on the door bell was William Lorne Beebe, which makes me believe that it may be your author/ poet. The FBI according to her wanted her to watch the comings and goings in the house and report back to them, which she did. She also says that much paperwork and printing presses where removed from the garage in back of the house by authorities. I am still checking to see if I can put pieces together. Hope this helps if you have any other info let me know.

paulette said...

William lorne bebee was my very loved grandpa. He died in canada in1965. I am glad someone appreciated his work. He was a jewel and a bit eccentric but not investigated by the FBI!

Pat said...

Thanks for clearing that up Paulette. It is good to have our Grandpa appreciated. I agree he was a bit eccentric but definitely not involved in communist activity.


Anonymous said...

My mother says her uncle was a Lorne Beebe who was a poet. He came from Ontario around 1918 to homestead in Alberta, and later moved to New York.

John Lang