Sunday, March 30, 2008

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I happened across a slim, thin hard cover of a book of poetry written by William Lorne Beebe. I don't a thing about the poet but he must have paid for the publishing out of pocket. It was printed by Dodge Press which, in 1940, was located in a building situated on Jay Street on one side and Oriskany Street (east) on the other. That land is now part of the East-West Arterial with all the buildings demolished. I want to share some poems about Utica New York, written circa 1940. The Title on the front of book is, "A Medley of Verse". The firsst one I share with you is about my home town entitled........

"She's the Hub of the Empire State"

Roads leading in every direction -
Like the spokes of a wagon wheel,
From cross-street and intersection -
Bridle paths for the automobile;
Trails leading to mountain and river -
To the east where great steamers await,
Or west where the Finger Lakes quiver -
She's the hub of the Empire State.

It's true we're a little belated -
With no skyscrapers reaching up to the sky,
We don't ride on the elevated -
Nor on subways do we need to rely;
We have no Radio City -
Nor a Broadway so up-to-date,
But Utica scorns any pity -
She's the hub of the Empire State.

It may seem we're a little out-distanced -
By the speed of the state's outer rim,
But the proof of our progress is instanced -
By the tide, which flowing outward - ebbs in,
And Utica bids fair to the future -
Quite modern, hopeful and great,
For she's sturdy and plain as a blucher -
She's the hub of the Empire State.

The term "blucher" above refers to a strong leather half boot or high shoe named after Field Marshal von Blucher who lead later campaigns against Napoleon. Does anyone reading this blog site have any information on William Lorne Beebe. I would venture to say he lived in Utica. I wonder if he achieved national celebrity. Wow! I haven't referred to this small volumne in such a long time. I'm going to share another Beebe poem about Utica, New York tomorrow. Thank you so much for your courtesy. You're the greatest!

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