Thursday, May 22, 2008

Meet Corliss Archer

There was a popular weekly radio program on WIBX, when Radio was King, named "Meet Corliss Archer". It was aired on Thursday nights. It was a bit of fluff but it featured two young radio actors who were to go on and achieve Hollywood movie status. They were Robert Walker and Phylis Isley. The two met while starring in this radio program on CBS (WIBX) and became a popular favorite, did well in the ratings of the time. Robert Walker and Phyllis Isley fell in love, married. The two were signed by Hollywood movie Studios and off they went to Hollwood (I'm still waiting for the call) and quickly achieved movie celebrity. Robert was featured in lots of MGM movies. My favorite of his was a movie called "The Clock" which starred Walker and Judy Garland in a straight drama role. Phyllis had her name changed to Jennifer Jones and the rest is history. Success sometime extracts a large sacrifice. Anyway, David O. Selznick (he of Gone With he Wind fame) was able to "steal her away" from Walker; Selznick, as a Hollywood mogul, was able to move forward her career. Walker was never the same after that. Took it quite hard. Meanwhile, Jennifer Jones went on to win a Best Acting Academy Award for her portrayal of Bernadette in the movie titled "Song of Bernadette". Both appeared in a movie titled "Since You Went Away". Walker was devastated when he was "dumped" by Phyllis Isley (Jennifer Jones), I, too, as a groupie, I took it hard and, I, too, was never a Jennifer Jones fan for what she did to my idol, Bob Walker. You see the price you pay for being a groupie? Walker died in his early 30's. I've always claimed he died of heartbreak. They had two sons from the marriage. Does anyone recall the famous CBS radio show "Meet Corliss Archer"?

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