Thursday, May 8, 2008

This is another black and white photo taken in front of Mutz's Candy Store located adjacent to the De Rosa Hall in the 600 block of Bleecker Street. left to right: Johnny Voce, a local noted bowler; Phil "Clarky" D'Accurzio, brother of Amadeo (Mutz) D'Accurzio; Carl STocco, fther of Mary Stocco, and Mary was later married to Mike Risucci; Art Piccola, brother of Jimmy Piccola; Art worked later for the IRS in Utica and after retirement with IRS was employed in the Utica City Comptroller's office in Utica City Hall; Tony Daniels, who worked for Scala Packng Company on Broad Street and then, when the plant closed, went to work for Wonder Bakery; and a gentleman named "Sonny", no last name available but he had a daughter named Connie who was later married to an attorney named Zogby who was in partnership with Attorney Pat Bernardi. Mutz's Candy store was in a building owned by the Statti brothers. A brother-in-law to one of hte Statti's was Ercole Ventura, father of Rufus, Sam, Giovanni and Louis plus several attractive daughters. Mr Ventura opened his own shoe repair shop on the 700 block of Columbia Street across from St Joseph's-St Patrick's Church. What beatiful memories! What a great City.

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