Saturday, May 3, 2008

Mutz's candy store circa 1935

Thanks to Al D'Accurzio for the loan of these three (3) photos. This is a black and white photo taken in 1935 in front of Mutz's Candy Store, situated adjacent to the Ben Franklin 5 and dime store, 600 block of Bleecker Street in the Stati's Shoe Repair Shop. Left to right: Louis Mastrangelo and Amadeo (al) "Mutz" D'Accurzio in the doorway of the store. Louiis Mastrangelo became the proprietor of Master's Luncheonette on Oneida Square. Amadeo (Mutz) D'Accurzio was employed by the McLoughlin Textile Mill which business fell on hard times and so Amadeo decided to go into business for himself, opening this candy store in the 600 block of Bleecker Street, next door to the Ben Franklin 5 and dime store. It was while employed at the Mc Loughlin Mill that Amadeo met Mary Andrello. It seems the employees of the mill allowed emplolyees to dance during lunch hours and that's ohow that love story began. Amadeo (Al Sr) was also a favorite entertainer in the fabled St Mary of Mt Carmel Church parish ministrel shows. Now I'm going to tease you a bit. I have other photos of Mutz's Candy Store which I will feature in subsequent postings. Aren't I mean? Stay tuned!

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